Week 3

This week has been relatively a busy week for everyone. Tuesday we all had to go to the police station so they could get all of our fingerprints. We were at the police station for probably 2 hours. It seemed really unorganized and their computer system shut down while we were there so it took a little longer. After the police station, everyone came back to the villa to work on their projects that were due Wednesday. It was nice having the majority of Tuesday to work on our projects, usually we are on a day trip and only have Tuesday night to work on our projects. Wednesday our projects were due. Overall, everyone’s review went well and we were introduced to our next project where we will be working in groups of here on out. Thursday we took a day trip to Milan. We left the villa at 6:30 am to catch the bus to take us to the train station. The train ride was about 2 hours long and the majority of everyone fell asleep on the train. When we arrived in Milan it was really cold and rainy. It rained the whole time we were there. Everyone was pretty miserable but we all had a good attitude about it and enjoyed our trip the best that we could. We went into a lot of different churches and even got to go to the roof top of one of the churches that took 5 centuries to build. That church had so much detail on it and it was completely made out of marble. During lunch, we all went our separate ways to find food. When everyone met up again, the majority of us all got a margarita pizza just at different places which was kind of funny. When we made it back to the train station to end our day, everyone seemed pretty relieved to be in a dry, warm place. Saturday we leave for our first long trip. We will be traveling to Florence, Rome, Naples and Pompeii. Everyone is trying to get all their clothes clean and pack for this trip. We don’t really know what to expect but everyone is pretty excited to go visit all these places. We will be gone for 9 days and were told this trip would be none stop of visiting places. So we will have long days but I’m sure they will be filled with exciting things to see.


Week 2

This week, we had our second field study with Giuditta in Genoa. This time we talked about and went to see all the palaces in Genoa. It was a very fun field study. The street everyone in the villa calls Wall Street because of the way the buildings are so grand and occupied by banks were actually once palaces. That was a shock to everyone and everyone seemed really interested in everything we learned. It is just really hard to believe that people actually lived in those huge palaces. They all have so much detail within them as well. There’s just so much to take in. Also, this week we celebrated two birthdays in the villa, Brianne’s and Sarah’s 21st. Christina, the cook, made a huge chocolate cake for Brianne’s birthday and on Sarah’s birthday we had chocolate pudding. This weekend is going to be a fun weekend for everyone. A group of people are going skiing in the alps and another group will be going to Brussels. I myself will be going to Brussels and our plan is to go to a chocolate museum, a brewery museum, toy museum and whatever other places we can fit in. Also, we are going to a brewery called delirium which has over 2500 beers on tap. So I know we are going to have a good time. The people going skiing are really pumped about it. They also got a pass that allows them to cross the boarder while in the alps to ski on some different slopes. So overall, things in the villa are going pretty well and everyone is trying to do as much traveling as possible. 20140123-233558.jpg

Dinner with Barbara

This weekend, no one in the villa traveled because the weather was so bad. It rained the whole weekend and it was also raining in the places we would have liked to travel to. So everyone stayed in Genoa and just hung out together. Some of the students tried to be productive and work on there projects while others watched Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is “our” tv show that everyone gets together and watch. Sunday, January 19, 2014, was our second to last day of Italian. We met for our class at 4 and went over a few things to say while we are traveling by train. It seems that everyone is picking up on Italian so we should be able to get around while in Italy. We ended class around 630 to allow all of us to get ready for dinner. At 730 we called taxis to come pick us up since it was still raining. We went to a restaurant located on the port called I Tre Merli. The meal included courses, wine plus a desert and coffee. The good was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy what they got.






First week in the villa

The first week at the villa was mainly a transition for everyone. Learning our class schedule, introductions from our Italian professors on what the classes are about, and learning Italian. Tuesday, January 14, 2014, was our first field study class. We met up with Giuditta in front of the villa at 9 in the morning. That whole day we took a tour of Genoa where she talked about the history and many different facts about the city and the buildings. It was a really long day but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were very interested in everything Giuditta was telling us. That weekend a lot of the students took a trip to Cinque Terre which is about an hour away from the villa. There the students hiked on a trail for about 8 miles. They all said it was very beautiful and that they would love to go back when the weather warms up. The students that did not go on that day trip walked to Barrcadesse which is a port where sailors go. It took the students about two hours to walk there which was a lot longer than they anticipated. Barrcadesse is a small town located on the water. It is a really pretty, small town filled with colorful buildings. There were a lot of people there that day because of the good weather. Overall, the students had a great first week and enjoyed there day trips.



Project 1 – Spring 2014

Aaron Peter - The Body MeasureBrad Mann - The Body MeasureKat Peek - The Body MeasureEmily McGowan - The Body MeasureBrianne Burdy - The Body MeasureSarah Stumpo - The Body Measure
Lisa Girard - The Body MeasureJosh Douglas - The Body MeasureSarah Casaday - The Body MeasureBryan Ruby - The Body MeasureAshley Jenkins - The Body MeasureColleen Williams - The Body Measure
Ally Hangartner - The Body MeasureAlly Tate - The Body MeasureMarc Clinton - The Body MeasurePage Tarleton - The Body MeasureCourtney Proctor - The Body Measure

Project 1 – Spring 2014, a set on Flickr.

The semester is off to a splendid start and we have completed the first project of the semester.

This project begins to set the tone for the rest of the semester by investigating the Body as a measuring device. This analysis gives the students the opportunity to understand and interpret space by utilizing their bodies as both a quantitative and qualitative instrument. Additionally, the graphic methodology employed in these projects references the Analytique, a presentation style popularized at the Ecole de Beaux Arts. This fully integrated drawing style places an emphasis on utilizing drawing as a narrative device as well as an all encompassing composition explaining the design and detailing of a buildings design.